Su acné casi lo desfigura y se curó comiendo solo esto

El acné para muchos sigue siendo una pesadilla. Incluso más allá de la adolescencia. Debido a los cambios hormonales, muchos todavía tienen que sufrir con verdaderos quistes en la cara. Y luego ver que las cicatrices de esta condición (que puede ser hereditaria, hormonal o por cambios de dieta), queden para siempre. Y es mucho, muchísimo peor cuando se tiene acné severo. Las pústulas son enormes. Y retirarlas, sobre todo, es bastante doloroso. Llegan incluso a desfigurar la cara. Como en este caso. Here’s how I got rid of my acne and cleared my skin up (no gimmicks or advertising BS)!! I originally took Accutane for 70 weeks (my diet was fighting me). After accutane my acne starting coming back on me, then I tried going vegan and stuck with it, since then I have been 100% clear except for the occasional small whitehead like this one that goes away in just a day or two now! If you have acne TRY THIS FIRST: Drop ALL dairy out of your diet (whey, milk, ingredients in products, all of it), drink at least a gallon of water a day and eat at least 10-16 servings (yup) of vegetables a day. I saw my greatest improvement from these last three things. Wanted to put this out there to give you another option to try, good luck my friends ??? you’ve got a friend in me! #TeamAcne #clearacne #noproactive #noepiduo #realsolutions A video posted by HumerusFitness | Brian Turner (@thicksolidtight) on Sep 20, 2016 at 11:09am PDT El hombre al que vieron anteriormente se llama Brian Turner y es un maestro fitness. Oh, this bulk is on! ??? #fullsteam #aimingfor215lbs #leanbulk #seriescoming #aesthetics #vegan #beyondtheweak A photo posted by HumerusFitness | Brian Turner (@thicksolidtight) on Sep 21, 2016 at 2:48pm PDT Y él no tuvo que recurrir a medidas desesperadas. Simplemente dejó de comer lácteos. Comenzó a beber más agua y a comer más vegetales. Y con eso dejó leche, queso y mantequilla. Absolutamente todo lo que lo inflamara. Incluso dejó el azúcar y el pan. It can be so easy to let the words of others really effect the way we see ourselves and live on the inside BUT I’m telling you that there is another option…You can forget their words of discouragement and listen to these words of encouragement. Think about one of the celebrities that you LOVE, would they be any less amazing with acne? Would you dance any less to their music? Would you avoid speilberg’s movies if he had acne? NO, you wouldn’t! So don’t let short-sighted thinkers keep you from your amazing long-term goals and dreams! ???? #staypositive #TeamAcne #acne #transformation A photo posted by HumerusFitness | Brian Turner (@thicksolidtight) on Sep 19, 2016 at 12:08pm PDT Su cara, en unas semanas, comenzó a limpiarse. One of the best salads I’ve had in such a long time and yes, it is vegan (I know it looks too good to be true ?). This salad is made up of a mix of dark greens, @daiyafoods Caesar dressing, @gardein seven grain tenders and beefless grounds and a ton of tossing ??? Was pleasantly surprised at the Caesar being so good as it used to be my favorite salad pre-vegan and now it can continue to be my favorite salad ?? #vegan #caesarsalad #gardein #daiya# #foodporn #beyondtheweak A photo posted by HumerusFitness | Brian Turner (@thicksolidtight) on Sep 21, 2016 at 12:07pm PDT ¿Qué dicen los médicos?  La doctora Karen Ansel, consultada por el portal “Self”, explica que igual una dieta vegana como la de Brian  no funciona para todo el mundo. Tan solo para las personas cuyo problema no es hormonal. “Para algunos, los lácteos pueden subirles el nivel de insulina, lo que incrementa los andrógenos. Pero no funciona en todos los casos”, afirmó. #TeamAcne One of the biggest things that got me through my most severe days of acne was my outlet, which was working out. Every time someone stares, points, whispers or insults you it builds up and without an outlet I honestly don’t know how I would have practically made it through. Seriously, I see what some people with acne have to go through who don’t have support systems or outlets and it breaks my heart, it’s tough. Find a passion and allow it to consume you, instead of letting your emotions consume you and it will help you rise above any ridicule you’ll have to endure. #staypositive #bullys #acne #notalone #standstrong A photo posted by HumerusFitness | Brian Turner (@thicksolidtight) on Sep 3, 2016 at 3:47pm PDT Sí funcionó para Turner, que sin duda ha compartido su antes y después. Con más de 75 mil seguidores, el hombre solamente motiva a todo aquel que lo ve y lo lee, a que halle por sí mismo un cambio para también cambiarse. En su caso, su fuerza de voluntad logró curarlo. These are shots from all throughout different phases of my battle with acne. I’m posting this to show that you should never judge a book by it’s cover! If you met me today you might never guess that I had to deal with severe acne during the «self-esteem building» years of my life. We NEVER know what someone has been through or what they are going through RIGHT NOW! Don’t tell people they are flawed, gross, useless, lazy, unclean, stupid because you never know what kind of an impact you’ll have on someone’s life. Can you imagine if your parents told you the same things when you were growing up and how that would impact you? Food for thought, love everyone and assume they have deeper stories than the surface portrays ❤️ #LOVE #support #bekind #caring #respectful #compassionate #TeamAcne A photo posted by HumerusFitness | Brian Turner (@thicksolidtight) on Aug 26, 2016 at 1:09pm PDT Algunos doctores concuerdan con él. Como Gary Goldenberg, dermatólogo de la Escuela de Medicina de la Icahn, que afirma que le recomendaría esta dieta a sus pacientes. Dejar la leche implica dejar de ingerir hormonas y esteroides. Eso sí, cada persona es diferente. Pero también está comprobado que si se incrementa el consumo de vegetales, se puede eliminar el efecto de los “carbohidratos malos” y de la grasa que sobra en el cuerpo. Porque estos suprimen la inflamación y el acné es una condición que viene de ahí. Believe me when I say I understand what REAL acne is like, not the «use proactive and it’ll be fine» type of acne. Two massive tips for it are to OVERdose on vegetables (8-14 servings) and drink tons of water (1-2 gallons) to help clear the skin a bit (taking out dairy, cheese, whey, etc helps massively, too!) Listen to me, I’ve been called every name in the book, I’ve had people flick (yes, you heard that right) my cysts, advise me 100s of times, tell me I’m a pizza face useless person BUT take it from me, those people bear no weight to your life! There were plenty of people who never mentioned or cared about it, like my true friends @curtowenmusic @chelsealifts @obese_to_beast and a lot more and that just proves that it’s only bad people who will try to bring you down, so don’t worry about them! I have all the love in the world for you, struggling with acne right now #bestrong #followyourpassions #forgetbadpeople #teamacne A photo posted by HumerusFitness | Brian Turner (@thicksolidtight) on Aug 19, 2016 at 9:25am PDT Turner, por su parte, sugiere tener de 10 a 16 porciones de vegetales por día. También tomar un galón de agua. Algo extremo para algunos. Por eso es recomendable ir con el doctor primero para tener una guía y no caer en malas prácticas que atenten contra su propia salud.

Brian Turner tenía acné severo, el tipo de acné más doloroso y duro de tratar. Pero cambió su vida al cambiar su dieta completamente. ¿Qué fue lo que hizo?


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