Una joven perdió 25 kilos con insólita dieta

La joven pesa 58 kilos por consumir alimentos integrales y 1.500-1.800 calorías al día

Por Metro Ecuador

La joven Georgie Thomas llegó a pesar 82 kilos y llevaba una talla 14. Aunque probó todo tipo de dietas y odiaba los ejercicios pero logró perder 25 kilos con un insólito régimen alimenticio.

En la actualidad, Georgie pesa 58 kilos. Anteriormente, esta chica comía alimentos ricos en carbohidratos y apenas 1.200 calorías.

Thomas logró reducir su tamaño dramáticamente al consumir alimentos integrales y 1.500-1.800 calorías al día hasta lograr bajar 25 kilos.

¿En qué se basa su dieta?

Su dieta se basa en alimentos integrales y batidos. la joven dijo a Daily Mail que: "Estoy comiendo más que nunca y me siento realmente bien ".

La chica también debió dedicarle tiempo al ejercicio, pues asiste a clases de entrenamiento personal y lanzó su propio sitio web para alentar a otras personas para que puedan perder peso como lo hizo ella: sin grandes esfuerzos pero con gran determinación, de acuerdo con Infobae.

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When I first tried lose weight in my first year of uni I tried body trim, lite and easy and then as I finished Human Movement and went into Exercise Physiology I tried to do things by the book and do full clean eating and tried to exercise more to reach my goals. Did I get some results? Yes, but were they maintainable, make me feel good and became a real lifestyle change? No and I was stuck in a vicious cycle. I couldn't keep at it for long, they depleted me and it got to the point I never thought I would reach my goals until I decided to try a program that included whole foods, superfood smoothies and intermittent fasting. I was skeptical as all sh*t because nothing lasted before but I decided to give it one more shot, I was desperate to find a regime that worked because I felt like crap and also felt so incongruent helping others with their health goals when I knew how hard it was. 3.5 years later, I have been following the same program and I can tweak it when I need to. After 3.5 years, I'm still following it which goes to show it's a real lifestyle change. I don't have to stress anymore, I don't need to look for the next best thing, I'm eating more than I ever have and I feel freaking good. Not every program suits every person, so find what works for you, give it a good shot and don't settle for something you don't love. It's all about that balance.

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These were some snap shots of my last 16 week challenge and I was so happy with the end result but I wanted to build my bum more. This second 16 week challenge definitely has been more challenging as I have been trying to build more muscle. Right now I feel more like numbers 2-3 but with a fatter/more muscley bum but to get that I feel it around my stomach which is where I hold it a lot. I definitely have days that I feel podgy and yuck and it has been a challenge physically and mentally eating a lot more but still trusting the process. I have never been stronger than what I am now training with @maytivate.pt so I know something is changing. This next week is the start of my new phase and my macros have changed and this weekend I'm going to start planning my days with set meals so I don't even have to think about it and I just do it. I am so freaking excited to see what changes happen over the next few weeks knowing that I achieved this last time!

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