Kit Harington de Game of Thrones protagoniza discusión en bar [VIDEO]

Kit Harington de Game of Thrones tuvo que ser retirado a la fuerza del establecimiento.

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El actor, Kit Harington, más conocido por su papel de Jon Snow en Game of Thrones, ha sorprendido a sus fanáticos tras difundirse un video donde se le ve siendo retirado a la fuerza de un bar en Nueva York.

De acuerdo al registro del portal TMZ, la noche del viernes el actor que está comprometido con Rose Leslie, actriz que también trabajó en Game of Thrones, se encontraba en el bar Barfly cuando intentó jugar al billar y mostró una conducta errática. Testigos afirman que Kit Harington había bebido más de la cuenta.

“Se le indicó que se fuera y lo hizo, pero regresó y finalmente tuvo que ser retirado casi a rastras fuera del bar”, comentó uno de los testigos al portal estadounidense.



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❥ ↬[Kit Harington thrown out of Barfly in NYC last night (5.Jan.2018)]↫ ☒ SWIPE to see all 4️⃣↔️ . First of all, I think we all need to remember that Kit is human and stupid shit happens to the best of us. His reps have not yet made a comment. The video is at the end and I have also included the link🔗to The Mirror’s article in my bio. But the gist of what happened as reads in the article, is Kit reportedly banged on the pool table, grabbed cues and got up in peoples faces as he demanded to play. He also warned fans asking for a selfie that they would be met with an icy refusal. He was physically removed from the venue but came back after being told to leave. *siiigghhhh* I can imagine Kit has been working very, very hard. And he has a relationship to keep up. We all get tired n cranky n then have some booze to relax and the next thing you know things have gotten out of hand. Kit is the same. Kit is not superhuman. He is simply HUMAN. And we all have moments. I think Kit deserves a pass. #CelebritiesAreHumanToo ☒ ⓒ Plz credit if reposting 😽x Your MamaKitten

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