Rianna Conner, la 'Barbie de Combate'

Rianna Conner ha ganado popularidad en redes sociales por bautizarse como la 'Barbie de Combate'.

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Rianna Conner, joven estadounidense enlistada en el cuerpo de marina de Estados Unidos, se ha viralizado en redes sociales debido a que ha sido comparada con una muñeca Barbie e incluso así se bautizó en Instagram.

La 'Barbie de Combate' tiene cabello rubio y una figura similar a la de la muñeca tradicional además aprovecha las redes sociales para compartir su belleza y su día a día en los campos militares.

Conner utiliza principalmente Instagram, donde ya acumula más de 164 mil seguidores que no esperan para reaccionar a sus publicaciones con halagos por su belleza y por su valor de defender al país norteamericano.

To all NEW followers: HI! I'm Rianna and I'm all about spreading positivity & patriotism, and advocating some self-love. Many of you have asked where "Combat Barbie" came from, and why? -Origin of "Combat Barbie": When I first joined the Marines in 2011, and arrived to my first unit, I was extremely girlie and a very motivated Marine, and I would post pics of me receiving awards etc, to my social media. Well, my pics were saved by a random person and posted on websites that were known for bashing other service members (especially females.) I knew that their main goal was to spread hate, but seeing the hundreds of degrading and disgusting comments made on my photos, really brought me down as a new Marine. One of the comments that kept getting repeated was, "She's too girly, take that sh*t to the airforce. She doesn't belong in the Marines. Let's call her Combat Barbie! What a joke." Soon a few sites turned into dozens, and by the end of that month, almost everyone knew me by, "Combat Barbie." I couldn't even walk in the PX or chowhall without someone pointing at me and laughing about it. Imagine walking into a room full of strangers and most of them already "know" who you are, based off some nasty absurd rumors they saw online.. So, I deactivated all my accounts and hid from the world for a while. Then one day I woke up and decided that I didn't want to feel that way anymore. I didn't want to hide or be fearful of judgment. I wanted to be my TRUE self and be proud of it. Simple. I gained strength and owned the nickname "Combat Barbie!" How could they use it to mock me if I love it/claim it? I have too much positivity in my soul to hide from the world. I took the name and let it empower me and help me show other females that it's okay to be feminine in a male-dominated profession. Almost 7 yrs later, I'm still called "Combat Barbie" by many. I've deployed to Afghan but never been in combat. I didn't intended to use the name to disrespect anyone whose been in combat. In fact, some of the people closest to me have been, and they completely understand why I use this name. So here's to being true to YOU! 🌻&THANKS to the sweet people who sent this to me! #CombatBarbie

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