Así luce la mejor amiga de "Matilda" 20 años después

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#30 ❤️🙌🏾 I MADE IT! But I take NONE of the glory. Thank you God for carrying me over these past 10 years when I couldn't carry myself. Thank you for guidance, direction, & for growth. Thank you for NEVER leaving my side. Thank you for discernment. Thank you for removing me from situations I didn't belong in. Thank you for removing people from my life that aren't meant to go to the next level with me. I strive to be a woman of grace, confidence, faith, power, integrity and honesty. I pray You continue to carry & cover me, shape & mold me, & protect me. I'm SO proud of who I've become & what these 30 years have taught me. Thank you God for choosing me. Here's to so many more that I can't even count 🎉🎁🎊🎂🍸. #HappyBirthdayToMe #BirthdayGirl #Dirty30 #30AndUpClub #Blessed

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Kiami Davael of 2016 😜. So, 2015 has been nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster for me! But I've grown so much through all those ups & downs, & for that I'm grateful. Not perfect, but I am choosing to be a better version of myself everyday, because I owe myself that. And so do you. Don't let people's foolishness hinder your grind. Don't let people's ill feelings towards you & their misunderstandings of who you are change you. Be you, do you, & do it well. Love God, love yourself, & then spread that love to those around you. Invest in yourself, be proud of how far you've come, & be motivated to push to your fullest potential. Don't be upset when people don't understand your sacrifice because God didn't give them your vision. Stay the course, DON'T GIVE UP, & God will do the rest. I LOVE YOU ALL! Merry Christmas my shining stars ❤️

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En 1996 Kiami Davael (Lavanda) y Mara Wilson (Matilda) grabaron juntas la recordada película ‘Matilda’. A lo largo de estos años, Davael apareció en series como: ‘Conan el Bárbaro’, ‘In the House’ y ‘Grown Ups’, entre otros. 

Hace poco, Davael cumplió 30 años y publicó algunas fotos en su Instagram. 

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