"Esta cirugía destruyó mi vida": Modelo se opera para cambiar el color de sus ojos y ahora ve como una persona de 90 años

Su vida dio un giro negativo de 180 grados después de que intervinieran sus ojos.

Por Fresia Ramírez

La modelo argentina residente en Miami, Nadinne Bruna, decidió, a su pesar, en 2016 realizarse una operación a los ojos. Su objetivo era cambiar el tono marrón que tenían por uno gris, y lo logró, ahora sus ojos tienen un tono gris claro. Sin embargo, el precio que tuvo que pagar los ese color fue demasiado alto: la edad de sus ojos ahora es de 90 años.

La negligente y controvertida operación no está en aprobada en distintos países entre ellos Chile y Estados Unidos, por eso la mujer debió volar a Bogotá para realizarse el procedimiento que consistía en insertar implantes de silicona en sus ojos.

En qué estaba pensando

Cataratas, foto sensibilidad y un futuro transplante de córneas son las consecuencias de la negligente operación y tal fue el cambio en su vida que el tema salió a la luz recién este año, cuando lo pudo dar a conocer y justamente cuando los síntomas se intensificaron.

"No sé lo que me llevó a tomar esa terrible decisión en la vida … tal vez fue mi inocencia", posteó ayer la modelo de 32 años, en la red social Instagram.

Naturally Beautiful… I dont know what took me to make that terrible decision in life.. maybe was my innocence.. maybe was trust in doctors whose who dont tell the truth, who dont advice you how terrible this can become.. They lie. They hide the danger only with the goal of book the surgery and put money in their pockets. They play with baive ppl’s lives. My killer dr was #EUGENIOCABRERA. I was a healthy young girl with perfect vision, and a good life ahead to live. Usually a person with a perfect vision like i had never know so much about eye diseases.. stay tuned. U have so much to talk!! #brightocular #NObrightocular #killers #TrashDoctor #eugeniocabrera #oftalmologiacolombia #oftalmologiabogota #edificioelbosque

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Lo peor vino después

“Antes de esta cirugía mis ojos estaban completamente sanos. Estaban en muy buenas condiciones. Fui tan ingenua. Desde esta cirugía, tuve una visión borrosa. Durante aproximadamente un año, mis ojos estaban constantemente rojos y con comezón”, dijo al medio Daily Mail, donde se confesó por primera vez.

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Tal como narra, al año de tratamiento sus ojos se volvieron rojos y dolorosos, situación lamentable sobre todo por el flash de las fotos de las sesiones en las que trabaja para vivir. Además, que su hermana se encargó de cuidarla y volverse "como su padre"."Mis pupilas, ya no pueden adaptarse a la luz, así que ahora también soy muy fotosensible. Esta cirugía completamente destruyó mi vida", dijo la modelo al medio británico.

El futuro de su carrera

A pesar de los terribles problemas que la modelo ha sufrido, se siente optimista frente al futuro y no ha tomado medidas legales contra el doctor Carbera. A través de sus publicaciones en Instagram ha advertido a sus más de 200 mil seguidores sobre los riesgos de este tratamiento.

"Soy una persona muy fuerte, generalmente muy valiente y muy inteligente, pero con esto fui completamente estúpida. Confié en la persona equivocada", se lamentó la joven, que añadió que espera mantener su glaucoma bajo control.

Im here not to all of you judge if i deserved this or not. Thats not the point. Im a model and i like aesthetic, like a Formula 1 pilot, likes cars & speed.. The purpose of this is prevent naive people like i was, to become future victims. Is help each other to keep us safe. Surgeries are not dangerous if the professional take care of ur health, but @brignt_ocular ls not! Always will go wrong. Everybody knows this today, but 2 years ago nobody knew it nothing about it. – [ ] Today is not obnly me. Out there are a lot of victims. They wrote from all around the world. My case was pure negligence, but my partners got different kind of ocular diseasses, glaucoma; photophobia, photo sensitivity, Atrophy ln pupils, iris paralized, corneal transplant, macula degeneration, uveitis, catarats, epitelitis, varicose veins, blood vassels, etc! – [ ] Some of them removed the implants after 1 year, 2 years, 4 and 6 years. So earlier or later ALL present problems! – [ ] The implants cover the drains generating blocks and hlgh intra ocular preassure a silent condition that it doesnt present symtoms! If the optic nerve is tight bcz the fluids that cant be drained, u get blind. Simple like that! – [ ] I was an stupid naive but i’ll do anything to be the last one! – [ ] I can hold this mess, i got in, ill get out, but other people doesnt have my strenght. – [ ] More Love and Less Hate! Karma exist! Remember that! – [ ]

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"Pero no creo que las cirugías sean malas. Simplemente no sabía los riesgos y cometí un error al no hacer mi investigación. El próximo mes voy a tener una cirugía para reducir mis senos porque he perdido mucho peso este año y es algo que tengo que hacer", finalizó.

Im tired of read bullshit when no one knows the real story. Yes! I BLAME @dreugeniocabrera because he did medical negligence and im bad from the day 1! He saw me bad from the beginning bcz he decided to do on me 2 surgeries between 3 days causlng me chronic inflamation. This is what i answered to a follower. It was in spanish but i used a translator bcz is too long to write it again. This is only a resume and the drs at Bascom Palmer in Miami are witnesses of all this. Things were a lottttt worse than this. But i have to do a LIVE to explain everything with details. It was a real nighmare. I hope all of u can understand this translation. Anyways ill be giving so interviews to USA, Mexico & UK next week. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 @nelypez first you speak without knowing of cause. Porq we did not know the risks. Second, it was medical negligence and tomorrow I will make a posting about it. The media transgress the information to create more sensationalism and sell more without telling things in detail. Third, in the US there was another company equal to bright ocular that had a waiting list of more than 100 people where they said that the approval was on hold and could take from six months to a year. Dr Eugenio Cabrera was aberrant because he submitted me to a lasik 3 days before the implants, telling me if he could perform the two surgeries so often, when I did not even know what was myopia! I operated for an astigmatism of 0.5 and 3 days, dsp put the implants! That gave me a chronic inflammation of almost 4 degrees! Dsp of 3 weeks so and worsen he sent me to miami the same! For this he had his instagram closed because his license was not approved and he was scared! The inflammation worsened and a month later I started to have chronic photophobia and when I called it terrified because I did not have medical insurance in the US, he told me that he could not take them out. I had to wait 6 to 7 months to consider that option and it made me wait like that all the time! And when I go to Colombia in deplorable conditions, He decided to rearrange them because if I removed them I would need a transplant because I could not do it because I was not Colombian! And it got even worse!

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